Competition Rear Wing

this part is Pikes Peak tested

There was a time when it was accepted that increasing your downforce meant an equal increase in drag. This is no longer the case, and at the highest level, aerodynamic devices have been developed that increase downforce at lower speeds than ever thought possible, yet without a matching increase in drag at high speeds. This is exactly that - a professionally engineered carbon-fiber rear wing that performs in the most demanding competition environments.

The G-Stream wing is intended for race-prepared production-based cars. The design incorporates computer modeling to achieve it's effectiveness and proven through years track testing and data analysis.

Tuning this wing is made easy by the custom turnbuckles incorporated into the uprights, each rotation of the center section adjusts the chord angle precisely 2 degrees. This makes setting your wing from track to track a breeze without complicated measurements each time. We have found that we could adjust the wing to the long straight and 4-miles-per-lap of Road America, to the tight 1.9 miles per lap of the next course in about a minute.

Endplates and uprights are aluminum. Body of the wing is full carbon fiber with clear outer coat. Core of the wing is reinforced along its entire length so the uprights can be moved inward or outward as required to mount on your vehicle. This feature, along with the adjustable uprights, makes the wing a snap to install on most race cars.

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