PRO Double-Adjustable Competition Suspension Kit for the Porsche® 928

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Application: Porsche® 928 78-95 all

Benefits: Removes 42 pounds from a stock 928 suspension; transfers unsprung shock weight inboard; provides easy-to-use external valve adjustments for both rebound and compression rate; and allows for spring changes in under 15 minutes per wheel.

The Shocks: The PRO AC-series shocks are lightweight aluminum featuring the latest twin-tube gas cell technology. This is a huge leap forward from high pressure mono-tube or gas emulsion shocks. The gas cells positively prevent the oil foaming common to all emulsion shocks, and the low pressure eliminates the hysteresis found in all pressurized shock absorbers. Both compression and rebound rate can be easily adjusted with the shock in the car. Valving is soft-on, yet strong enough to control our stiffest spring packages.

The Mounts: The 928 Motorsports shock mounts use graphite-impregnated polyurethane in the rear for squeak-free and positive location of the rear bearing carrier. No rubber bushings used anywhere in this kit! Further, the mounts are specifically designed for the Porsche® 928 and allow rapid spring changes for the racer at the track.

The Springs: 928 Motorsports uses Hypercoils in all of its suspension kits. We selected Hypercoil® (proudly made in the USA) because Hypercoils are manufactured from the highest quality high tensile chrome silicone steel available in the world. Hypercoils are designed to be as light as possible with maximum deflection and at the same time endure the stresses of the extreme conditions common to motor racing. Hypercoils will resist taking a "set" longer than most springs. All Hypercoils are powder-coated a navy blue, the mean spring rate is etched into the end coil.

928 Motorsports Quality: This is a "lifetime" kit, meant to last the life of your car, even in extreme conditions. Top materials and quality in every part and assembly. Billet aluminum top mounts are hard-coated to a Rockwell C72. Steel parts are yellow-chromate coated for corrosion resistance and lasting good looks.

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