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Competition Belt for Powerdyne and Powerdyne-style Superchargers

The strongest belt ever made for the Powerdyne, and available no where else!

Application: BD-600 BD-10 BD-11 BD-11a BD-12 Powerdyne Superchargers, B&M, CoolCharger, Dinan, and O2 Force BD-100

NEW! These belts are custom-made for us and have no equal in the Powerdyne supercharger application. Compared to the after-market Gates Powergrip "GT" belt, they will hold 3 times the load at twice the RPM's without failing.

We have been installing them on our most brutal Powerdyne installs, and they have been surviving where no previous belt we could find or have made for us would.

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This belt is not available for sale out-right. It is only available if we install it for you in combination with the right bearings and shafts as part of our Super-Powerdyne rebuild.
Please follow this link to the Super-Powerdyne Rebuild Service.

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