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Complete Stroker Kit for 32v Porsche® 928 Engine
Takes a 5.0 or 5.4 Liter 928 engine and turns it into a 6.5 Liter

Now you can build your own 6.5L 928 engine with all the same high-quality parts that we use ourselves when we build them here. Perfect for our International customers – this kit will save shipping your engine block around the world. We ship you the kit, and your engine machinist can install the bits near you.

When finished, you will have a 550 to 600 HP naturally aspirated beast that brings your 928 up into supercar status.

Application: For 1985-1995 5.0L and 5.4L Porsche 928 engines.

Custom is What We Do: There is no such thing as "one kit fits all" and we don'’'t sell them. We will consult with you first to understand your application and wishes for this engine, then we can advise you on the right parts for your kit to make that come true. Boosted or naturally aspirated, type of fuel, camshafts used, and more all effect what will be the best configuration to meet your goals. Compression ratios are available from 8.5:1 to 12:1.

Our Stroker Crank: The 928 Motorsports stroker crankshaft is machined from a single billet of 4340 steel (38 Rockwell hardness) and then shot-peened for stress-relief and surface toughness. It is also magnafluxed and all journals are fully micro-polished. Additionally, the 928MS crank has updated oil passageways that oil the journals from both sides - a significant upgrade over stock.

Our cylinder liners: are made from a special lower-carbon iron alloyed with chromium, copper and nickel to produce a harder, (241-293 BHN) more wear resistant surface than common ductile-iron cylinder liners. The average tensile strength (45,000 - 50,000 psi) of our liners is 1/3 greater than "regular" iron sleeves and nearly all OEM cylinder blocks. This sleeve material has been used successfully for years in performance engines to give longer life with less distortion and enhanced reliability.

Our Pistons: are made to our specification by Arias. You will receive eight forged pistons with custom crown/dish and valve reliefs engineered for your application Custom ring lands and gas porting depending on your application also. Comes with eight HD high-strength fitted wrist pins Set of custom Spirolox wrist pin retainers, ceramic coated piston crowns and Moly low-friction coating on the piston skirts.

The Piston Rings: we provide will be file-to-fit Total-Seal gapless piston rings for the absolute lowest possible blow-by of any piston rings available. Top quality, and compatible with our cylinder liners.

The Rods we use: Our rods are custom made to 928 Motorsports specifications from premium E4340 aircraft quality steel that is heat treated to produce a consistent grain structure. The I-beam cross-section features an exclusive Parabolic Beam® design that reduces beam stress and delivers the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any connecting rod currently made.

Installation: This is an advanced kit. A knowledgeable engine machinist will be required to bore the block, install the steel cylinder liners, and then hone to fit the new pistons. Cylinder liner installation instructions are provided. An experienced engine assembler should do the assembly. Specifications are provided, but engine assembly instructions are NOT.

Stroker Kit Includes:

  • 8 T-top sleeves
  • 8 forged pistons
  • Set of 8 rings
  • 8 con rods
  • 8 rod bearings
  • 1 billet 4340 stroker crank
  • Set of main bearings
  • 2 head gaskets
  • Oil pan spacer kit

Other items you may want: A few other pieces that are not included in this kit that you might want to consider to get all that you can from your new 6.5L Porsche® 928

  • Give it more air: let that beast breath! Seriously, it needs more air than a 5.0L motor to perform to its potential, so consider more aggressive camshafts, a valve job with larger valves, and our 928MS "Hi-Rise 654" intake manifold. We have all these parts for you!
  • Give it more fuel: Just like the air, this bigger motor will run best if properly fueled. Consider larger injectors, and the TEC engine management system.
  • Rounding it out: Our custom harmonic balancer will do a better job of controlling crank harmonics than the stock one, and we also have a crank scraper and windage tray system for your stroker engine that will control oil in the pan on corners and improve HP.


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Complete Stroker Kit for 32v Porsche® 928 Engine



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