Complete Tune-Up Kit for the Porsche® 928

Application: 1985-95 32-Valve or 16-Valve Porsche® 928

Description: Everything you need to do a complete tune-up on your 32v Porsche® 928 right in your driveway. All parts OEM quality or higher. If you haven't given your 928 a tune-up in a while, treat yourself and your Porsche® to one now. The difference can be amazing!

Complete 32v Tune-up Kit: Complete 16v Tune-up Kit
Item Year Price(USD) Shipping* Availability
Tune-Up Kit - 32 Valve engine Porsche® 928 $398.00 $20.00 Ships in 1 Week or Less
Tune-Up Kit - 16 Valve engine Porsche® 928+ $342.00 $20.00 Ships in 1 Week or Less
* Domestic US shipping shown. International shipping will be calculated based on location.
+ Not including the twin-distributor 16v models.