'; ?> Koni / Hypercoil Sport Suspension for the Porsche® 928

Koni / Hypercoil Sport Suspension for the Porsche® 928

Instructions available this part is Pikes Peak tested
A complete set of 4 performance/racing springs, spring perch adapters, and ride-height adjustment sleeves for the Porsche® 928

Application: 1978-95 Porsche® 928

Kit Includes:

* The ride height adjustment sleeves will be pre-installed onto the shocks for you.

Our spring perch adapters will convert your 928 from using hard-to-find metric springs to common 2.5" OD racing springs into your Porsche® 928 - and here are the benefits of doing this:

Our spring kits accept all 2.5" OD springs. The 928 Motorsports Spring Adapter kit comes with one set of 4 premium-quality Hypercoil® springs with it - but in the future you can use any brand of 2.5" springs you can get anywhere, or come back to us for another set of Hypercoils!

Choose from any of these popular spring combinations for your 928:
Front Rear
Street/Sport 500 350
Sport/Race 600 400
Race Mod++ 850 450

++ Special Order Item - call us for instructions before ordering these spring rates.

... or let us talk to you about your particular spring, shock, and swaybar setup and the type of driving/racing you do and we will customize a set for you!

Easy Installation! Our kits come with everything you need to do the complete installation yourself. Instructions included. No modifications are necessary to the car whatsoever. Completely reversible if desired later. Designed to work with both Bilsteins and Konis.

Top Technology! 928 Motorsports is proud to be a Hypercoil® dealer. We selected Hypercoil® (proudly made in the USA) because Hypercoils are manufactured from the highest quality chrome silicone steel and high tensile chrome silicone steel available in the world. Hypercoils are designed to be as light as possible with maximum deflection and at the same time endure the stresses of the extreme conditions common to motor racing. Hypercoils will resist taking a "set" longer than most springs. All Hypercoils are powder-coated a navy blue, the mean spring rate is etched into the end coil.

Spring Selection:

++FITMENT NOTES: Our Hypercoil kit is designed for use with Koni or Bilstein shocks. Not for use with Boge shocks. Bilsteins may require additional spring perch adapters (not included).

Testimonial of our Hypercoils at Spa: "I finally got around to testing the new suspension in Spa last week and boy what a difference! The car feels rock solid on the track as opposed to the swaying it did before. I'm very happy with my choice of springs and I'll recommend it to anyone who asks. Starting out in 19th position (At Spa) I had already passed 5 cars at the top of Raidillon. The straight line speed of the 928 was a lot higher than most of the others so the long straight Raidillon was ideal for overtaking them. The stability of the car with the new Hypercoils and the Pirellis is phenomenal, so even though I had never raced at Spa before, I did manage to run at the same pace as the other Porsches (except for a 911 RSR 3.0). I finished in 8th place in general and 3rd in my class after a 25 minute race so needless to say I was very satisfied. First race, first podium of the season." - Jerry Dowered, Belgium

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