Custom Steel Connecting Rods

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The perfect compliment to our steel high-performance crankshaft.

Our rods are custom made to 928 Motorsports specifications from premium E4340 aircraft quality steel that is heat treated to produce a consistent grain structure. The I-beam cross-section features an exclusive Parabolic Beam® design that reduces beam stress and delivers the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any connecting rod currently made.

There are two 928 Motorsports rod stages to choose from. Both of our rod stages are stronger and lighter than the stock Porsche® 928 rods.

928 MS Stage 3 Series Rods:

928 MS Stage 4 Series Rods:

Fitment note: Not intended for use with the stock 928 crankshaft or pistons. For pricing and ordering information on this application, contact us.

Price Includes: 8 rods, fitted high-strength alloy rod bolts and nuts, and balancing to within .5 grams on each end.

Delivery: Our Custom Steel Connecting Rods are a special-order item made one-at-a-time. Estimated delivery is 4 weeks.

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Custom Steel Connecting Rods U.S. Only: $42.00
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