All-Aluminum Coolant Reservoir for the Porsche® 928

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Application: All Porsche® 928 1978 thru 1995

The Problem: The Porsche® 928 OEM coolant reservoir is plastic, and as of 2009 they vary from 30 to 15 years old. The heat of the engine compartment and the coolant itself ages the plastic and makes it opaque and brittle. Cracks in the plastic start to appear, and the next problem will be a leak. A reservoir leak left unnoticed can cause an overheating and the subsequent (and much more costly) repair of head gaskets or worse.

The Solution: Our all-aluminum coolant reservoir is a drop-in upgrade that will last the life of your car. All hoses and even the water level sensor mount right to it.

Pays for itself: The OEM plastic part from Porsche® is selling for $120 to $160 each - if you have to replace it just once more this all-aluminum reservoir is already saving you money!

Easy Installation: Designed to drop in place without any mods to your car. Uses the same hoses and mounting hardware. Has exactly the same volume as the original also.

For Racers: For our 928 racer friends, we also manufacture this unit with no water level sensor bung. The aluminum coolant reservoir means that (if you also have one of our all-aluminum radiators) you can safely increase your system pressure to 20 psi and prevent coolant boiling in the heads!

Warranty: You gotta like it or your money back! If, after you receive these items (but BEFORE you install it), you are not happy with it for any reason, just return it for a full refund. Must be returned in like-new condition. Shipping charges excluded.

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All-Aluminum Coolant Reservoir for the Porsche® 928 with sensor fitting $18.50 In Stock! Typically Ships Same Day!
All-Aluminum Coolant Reservoir for the Porsche® 928 without sensor fitting (for racers) $18.50 In Stock! Typically Ships Same Day!

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