Corbeau 5-Point Harness with CamLock

This is the all-new Corbeau 3-inch Competition Harness System, not old, discontinued stock like some others are selling. Corbeau Competition Belts have been tested to meet and exceed all SFI 16.1 standards. Corbeau 5-Point Harness Systems feature state of the art Cam-Lock 1/4-turn, quick-release technology, Military Grade Nylon Webbing, Extra Strength Computerized Stitching, Lightweight Length Adjusters, Bolt-In & Wrap Around Mounting Hardware, and chrome plating at no extra charge.

Mounting Notes: All 3" harnesses have a 3" lap and shoulder belt, and a 2" anti-submarine belt. For street use, some choose not to install the anti-submarine belt. All 3" systems are bolt-in mounted at the lap belt, and the shoulder straps can be bolted in or wrap around a roll bar.

Options: 3-Inch Harness Pads from Corbeau in the matching color (photo below) are $16.50 per pair.

Colors: Black or Red

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