Crankshaft Scraper and Windage Tray System for the Porsche® 928

Application: Porsche® 928 1978-95 all

this part is Pikes Peak tested this part is Bonneville Tested Video Available

What a Crankshaft Scraper does: Crankshaft scrapers have been used for many years and can be found in every form of racing. They reduce the "oil cloud" that the rotating crankshaft creates in the bottom of the motor by "scraping" oil off off the counter-weights as they come around. This reduces the amount of air whipped into the oil by the crankshaft, lowers the oil temperature, and saves HP. It only takes 30% entrained air in the oil to damage a connecting rod bearing, so the simple installation of a good set of crankshaft scrapers can lengthen engine life significantly.

What a Windage Tray does: Windage trays help keep the oil down in the bottom of your oil pan, or "sump" and away from the rotating assembly. The "windage" of the spinning crank and rods causes a low pressure area over the sump, making the oil rise up and out of the sump if no windage tray is present. When the oil reaches the rotating assembly, it will get beaten by the spinning crank and rods, reducing your HP by as much as 5 HP (see chart below) and air will get mixed into the oil. Air mixed into the oil reduces its ability to carry loads, carry heat away and cool the engine, and reduces oil pressure. In addition, because the 928 is a front-sump engine, rapid acceleration and high cornering loads make the oil swing up out of the sump and away from the pickup tube. When this happens, the pickup tube can become uncovered allowing the oil pump to suck air instead of oil. Oil pressure will drop off, and engine damage will occur. A good windage tray keeps these things from happening, and can save you a lot of money!

Description: Laser-cut and formed into the exact shape needed with CNC precision. All steel. All welding is TIG. All nuts, washers (pre-hardened and DIN-spec) are provided, along with comprehensive installation instructions.

New and Improved: Our windage tray and scraper system has been in continuing development and improvement for over 5 years now. This new design is the best we have ever made for the 928- the cleanest fit, the most effective, and easiest to install. The swing gates to trap the oil in the sump are new and improved, and the oil return ramps are deeper and faster than ever before. Your benefit from our extensive in-car and real-world trial-and-error process under the most grueling of engine conditions.

Strengthens the Block: The oil scraper system will tie the main bearing bolts to each other via steel plates. Up till now, each bearing boss has been free to move axially and independently. Crank loading forward-and-back at the thrust bearing applies stress to the aluminum block and changes the shape of the cradle and bores. The steel plates of this oil scraper system lock all the main bearing bolts together so the block is much more rigid and thrust bearing forces are shared into all the block, not just the central bearing boss.

Comprehensive installation instructions are included. Best when installed during an engine build, but they can be installed with the engine in the car.

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