3-Piece Engine Cross Member for the Porsche® 928

Instructions available This Part is Bonneville Tested this part is Pikes Peak tested

The Problem: Dropping the oil pan to perform a little engine maintenance on the 928 requires removing the entire front suspension or pulling the engine - until now!

The Solution: Our 3-piece Engine Cross Member allows access to the oil pan with the engine in the car - simply drop and swing the power steering rack out of the way, and then remove the center section of the cross member. The oil pan can come right out for servicing of bearings, oil sumps and pickups, and engine inspection.

Pays for Itself: The 3-piece Engine Cross Member will pay for itself in labor savings alone the first time you use it. At a shop rate of $100/hour - removing the oil pan without one can be 5 hours work and $500, while removing the oil pan with one can be done in under an hour

Race and Field Tested: This 3-piece Engine Cross Member is tough. Has handled 8 years of road racing (plus Pikes' Peak and Bonneville) without a problem. We have enjoyed being able to easily drop our oil pan and inspect the rod bearings with the engine in the car, and this cross-member is the reason why.

Hardware provided is Metric class 12.7 with minimum tensile strength of 174,000 psi. We tack-weld the nuts so you do not need two wrenches to tighten/loosen the fasteners - the nuts cannot turn. The bolt flanges are gusseted for extra strength top and bottom.

Fitment Notes: Will fit all 1983-1995 models without modification. Also fits 1978-1982 models, but you will need to replace your early motor mounts with ones designed for the 1983-1995 models. We have solid rubber and solid aluminum mounts available.

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