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Custom Forged Pistons

this part is Pikes Peak tested this part is Bonneville Tested

928 Motorsports, LLC® uses only Arias Pistons for its engine builds.

We have used Arias pistons since 2000 in our boosted and race engine rebuilds, and have yet to have a single piston failure. We cannot say the same about other makes - and that's why Arias has risen to the top! Top performance, strength, and quality.

Our experience building stroker and supercharged 928's has led us to develop custom piston specs with Arias that can't be beat. We use only high-strength alloy wrist pins, Spirolox wrist pin fasteners, gapless piston rings, wider-than-stock ring lands, and high-strength low-mass piston alloys in our designs. Compression ratios between 8.5:1 all the way to 12:1 are available for your 928, and will be selected depending on your fuel, camshafts, and application.

Additionally, we have the piston crowns ceramic coated, and the skirts molybdenum coated for anti-galling, low friction wear.

A set of 8 Arias Pistons from 928 Motorsports includes all this:
  • Eight forged pistons with custom crown/dish and valve reliefs engineered for your application
  • Custom ring lands and gas porting based on your application
  • Eight HD high-strength fitted wrist pins
  • Set of custom Spirolox wrist pin retainers
  • Ceramic coated piston crowns
  • Moly low-friction coating of piston skirts

Optional Total-Seal Gapless Piston Rings
928 Motorsports recommends the use of Total-Seal Gapless Piston Rings in it s boosted applications for the most positive control over blow-by and crankcase pressure possible. They can be added to your piston order easily, and the pistons will be specially designed to fit the Total-Seal package.

Delivery: Our Custom Forged Pistons are a special-order item made one-at-a-time. Estimated delivery is 4 weeks on the rods and 6 weeks on the pistons.



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Custom Forged Pistons


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