Custom Welded Roll Cage Installation

This is a complete, welded-in 6-point or 8-point roll cage to meet or exceed your race sanctioning bodies safety requirements.

At some point in your racing of the 928, the bolt-in 4-point roll bars just wont cut it. Usually this is at the point where you are racing wheel-to-wheel. Then the rules books require welded in roll cages with side-impact door bars installed. Also, a bolt-in 4-point bar does little to stiffen the car against uni-body twist - where a 6 or 8-point cage does a LOT. This will make lap times faster! Finally, the bolt-in bars are all mild steel, where the roll cage can be chrome-moly steel (optional) which is lighter and stronger.

Unique to our cage construction is that we tie the roll cage directly to the rear shock tops, and we tie the rear shock tops to each other for maximum frame stiffness. Access to the shock top for adjustment is retained. Also: our forward bars (8-point cage option only) are under the engine, not over the engine, allowing maximum access to the motor for ease of service. See photos.

All welding is performed by our professional and certified welder with more than 20 years of experience. Top quality welds and fitment.

You must provide: Your 928 to us with the actual racing seat to be used already fitted and adjusted to your liking.
This is required so we can then locate the main hoop, the shoulder harness mounts, and the door side bars. You need to also provide us with the rules book for your race sanctioning body so we can be sure to build to their roll cage specs.


Pricing: Base roll cage: 6-point (Main hoop, dash hoop, and two rear braces as shown with gusseting and bracing in DOM mild steel. Includes two drivers door side bars and one passenger door side bar). $3720.00


Two thoughts on optional over-engine roll cage bars for the Porsche® 928: I don't automatically add over-engine bars to the 928 for these two reasons:

  1. Suspension: Because the 928 uses a dual-wishbone front suspension and not a single lower A-arm with coil-over shock like some other cars do, the top of the front 928 shock moving in or out does not affect our Camber. Front shock top movement certainly has a large effect on Camber on any car that uses McPherson strut or single-wishbone with coil-overs - so a roll cage that is tied into the front shock top makes a loft of sense for them. But, as I said, on the 928 flexing of the uni-body at the shock top does not change our camber... twisting of the forward frame rails does.So I prefer to take the forward roll cage bars direct to the problem and try to reduce frame twist and flex directly where it occurs - the frame that our lower wishbone is mounted to.That's why our (optional) 8-point cage goes from the Drivers forward hoop through the firewall and to the front frame as shown. Direct to the problem area to stiffen it.
  2. Engine access: If you have crewed for a race team before, you know how much a PITA the forward cage over the motor can be. Plus, on our supercharged 928 we have the supercharger, tubing, and intercooler already occupying anywhere you would like to run an over-motor strengthening bar through. So the lower, frame mounted front bars makes more sense for us.

However, this is a custom roll cage build. If the customer wants over-motor strengthening bars, we can make that happen. No problem. If you are going to race an NA motor, you'd have more room than we do. We can add over-engine front bars if you like, but the car should be delivered to us with complete engine installed, so we know what space envelope we have available.

Note: Pictures shown is from a 928 with all options shown. Extra door side bars, 8-point mounts in front of firewall, chrome-moly tubing, an "X" brace in rear down bars, and interior painted.