Digital Dash for your PORSCHE® 928

AiM MXL Pista High Performance Digital Dash

Application: Porsche® 928s equipped with Electromotive or Motronic EMS

The MXL Pista is a digital dash and data-logging system intended primarily for competition use.The small, lightweight, and compact dash unit can take all of its input from our Electromotive Tec GT engine management system, making it an ideal race companion with very simple installation.

The MXL Pista is a powerful and high tech way to sample, log, and display a very large number of parameters. 8 analog input channels can measure and record temperatures, pressures, or potentiometers (throttle position, steering position, etc). CAN technology allows you to connect an almost limitless number of other sensors such as GPS, Lambda (O2), and thermocouples without using any analog channels!

The compact 6.85" x 4.33" anodized aluminum housing features:

The MXL Pista is capable of very precise and accurate data logging, viewable by simply depressing one button on the dash itself, or by utilizing the included Race Studio 2 software kit to download to your lap top. The 8MB non-volatile memory can store up to 3 hours of information including total engine time usage.

Included in the kit:

Requires 9 - 15V external power supply, and CAN-compatible engine management ECU, like the Electromotive Tec GT (which we also carry)

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