Dry Sump Kit for the Porsche® 928

Background: Much has been written about the con rod bearing 2/6 failure when racing the Porsche® 928. Any carousel corner or similar with lateral g's that are high enough and long enough to hold the oil away from the oil pickup tube can cause momentary starvation to the crank, and the rod bearings will be the first to fail. And remember - you don't have to completely "starve" the oil pump to damage the bearings. A 30% mixture of entrained air into the oil is enough to damage rod bearings.

Some drivers want to go "wet-sump" - and we have shown that, with an oil accumulator installed (Accusump) and a good windage tray and crank scraper system, you can drive those corners without fear.

Then there are those that prefer to go "dry sump" - and this is your kit. Where both dry sump and wet sump can be made to keep positive oil pressures even in hard, long corners, a dry sump system will do one thing that wet sump does not do, and that is to evacuate crankcase gases and lower crankcase pressure. This means a better ring seal, and more HP.

A typical dry sump kit will have 4 channels, and are often prohibitively expensive. Two channels are used to suck the oil pan "dry" and two channels are designed to pump oil into the engine under pressure.

This dry sump kit is different, and very clever. It uses the stock 928 oil pump to supply the pressure and delivery to the motor. We have never seen the stock 928 oil pump fail, and it is significantly over-sized and robust for the task at hand. We know from years of experiences that it races well, and supplies 928 engines over 900 HP with no problems. So why not use it? Then, the dry sump has to have only two channels instead of four. It costs less, is less complicated to install, weighs less, and takes up less space. All good things.

History of this Kit: This was developed several years ago for a customers race 928 GTS, in conjunction with the UK's leading dry sump manufacturer, who has been developing and producing dry sump equipment for many years.

The car ran flawlessly for three seasons with this system installed, finishing up with over 500 bhp. No problems whatsoever were experienced with the dry sump system, and engine bearings were in good condition when checked. Since then, a number of these kits have been sold and raced worldwide, recording many hours of race time without failure.

System Description: The system utilizes a two-stage scavenge pump which picks oil up from two channels in the oil pan (one in front of and one behind the cross member) via two -12 stainless braided hoses. Our custom oil pan is made from a stock 928 oil pan core - so you know the bolting pattern and gasketing are right.

The pump then sends the oil via a -16 stainless hose to an additional oil cooler mounted at the front of the vehicle , and then on to the tank which is installed at the rear of the vehicle. We recommend at least a 5 gallon tank, designed to de-aerate the oil, preferably of a type which can be dismantled for cleaning. The Peterson model 08-0013 with -16 fittings works well. Not the oil tank is not included with this kit.

Oil is then fed back from the tank via -16 hose, forward to the oil-in location in the pan, which feeds it to the existing Porsche® pressure pump.

The scavenge pump is mounted on the right hand side of the engine, on the supplied support bracket, in the location that used to be occupied by the air conditioning compressor (The AC system cannot be used with this kit). It is driven by a cogged belt from the crankshaft.

Flexible Installation: This dry sump tank can be mounted wherever it suits you for convenience and optimum weight distribution. It can be mounted front or back, left side or right side. This kit will work on both LHD and RHD cars. Check with your rule book as you may need a "firewall" between it and the driver if you put it inside the car. The existing production oil cooler, if fitted, may be retained as-is.

Kit Includes:

Not Included: Oil tank, lines, and AN fittings.

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