Engine Wiring Harness for the Porsche® 928

IDENTIFICATION: The engine wiring harness begins at the inside right-front fender of the Porsche® 928 at a 14-pin connector there, and covers the entire motor and all of its systems (starter, starter solenoid, alternator, oil pressure sending unit, oil level sending unit, Warm-up regulator, cold-start valve, A/C clutch, auxiliary air valve, and more) except injectors (which have their own harness).

THE PROBLEM: A bad wiring harness can produce low alternator outputs, low readings on the dash gauges and false indicator lights from the Master Control Unit, iffy cold start and warm-up periods, and general reliability headaches. This is caused by engine wiring harnesses with brittle, cracked insulation creating high impedance (resistance) from corroded terminals and wires in the loom.

THE SOLUTION: We have concours-quality wiring harnesses that have all the accurate wires (right down to the correct color insulation and stripes), connectors, and connector caps. They have genuine Porsche® harness clips for the cold-start and auxiliary air valve and WUR connections, and a new Porsche® 14-pin connector for the replacement plug-in to the car. First-class quality all the way.

Just give us a call. We can help you identify your motor easily so we send the correct wiring harness for your car.

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16v Engine Wiring Harness for the Porsche® 928 U.S. Only: $28.00
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32v Engine Wiring Harness for the Porsche® 928 U.S. Only: $28.00
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