Wide Body Fender Flares For The Porsche® 928 GT-1

Application: 1978-1995 Porsche® 928 all

Quality, US-made wide-body GT-1 style fender flares for your 928!

These are our 2nd-generation in this design, including a very aggressive stance and a rear Chaparral-style vent.

Front - Our GT-1 Fender Flares will add 2" per side to your track in the front, for a total increase in width of 4 inches.
Rear - They will add 2 ¾" inches per side in the rear, for a total.
Quality - These aren't "chopper gun" parts that are heavy and brittle, these are hand-laid and formed using the finest materials available. Our end-product is a fender flare that you'd be proud to have on your Porsche® 928, ready to finish in the way you desire for that eye-popping wide-body 928 look. We make them out of polyester-resin fiberglass for strength, flexibility, and light weight.
Fitment - In these photos we have 315/35/R17's in the front and 335/35/R17's in the rear (that's 13.5" of rubber contact with the road!). There is even a little room to go wider yet in the rear. They are designed to blend smoothly into the S-type front chin spoiler without modification (see pictures). They are also designed to fit 928s with and without S4. wide-body rocker panels.
For Street Use - You will want to blend them into your fenders smoothly, and this is easily done with our tapered mounting system. Although the fender flares are "beefed up" on the outside lip for strength, they taper to the mounting edge so they have a nice thin transition with no hump where they attach to your existing fenders.
For Track Use - You may want to leave the rivets exposed like we do - if you do a little fender-rubbing during a race, you can drill out the rivets, rivet on a new fender, and back to the track you go!
Item Year Model Part Number Price(USD) Shipping*
Front Fender Flares (One Pair) U.S. Only: $230.00
All Others:
Rear Fender Flares (One Pair) U.S. Only: $230.00
All Others:
Complete Kit - Save over $50! U.S. Only: $460.00
All Others:

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