Driving & Fog Light Guard Kit For The Porsche® 928

The Problem: Our 928 bumper-mounted driving and fog lights are getting more expensive to replace all the time. Plus, they are mounted "in harms way" - down low and forward where they are an easy target for stones and gravel.

The Solution: These 928 Motorsports 14 mil-thick driving lamp covers are cut by us, and backed by a 3M™ 5-year warranty. This is not a "static-cling" vinyl, but the real-deal, a 3-part clear and UV-stabilized lamination with a urethane coating on top for non-yellowing permanence and durability - all bonded to a purpose-built 3M™ adhesive layer. Virtually invisible. No special care is required after application - just wash and wax as usual.

Complete Kit: This kit has 4 pre-cut pieces to cover 2 fog lights and 2 driving lights; the special squeegee applicator you need, and easy-to-follow instructions. Compare to others who are selling cheaper 8-mil film, or who's kit covers only 1 pair of lights. Our kit is a real value!

Worth More Than it Costs: If it saves you from replacing just one driving lamp or fog lamp, it has already paid for itself many times over.

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