Folding Tow Hook for Porsche® 928

Description: Do you enjoy the occasional track day with your 928? We do! You will need a front-facing tow hook, and you might as well put in a sexy one that looks good enough to leave in all the time, and folds down when not in use.

Our tow hook is CNC milled from billet and anodized red to meet racing requirements and provide long-lasting good looks. The post that threads into your Porsche is made from steel and hard-coated for the fine thread models, and made from 304 stainless steel for the course thread models. The hoop pivots on a stainless steel pin, and a drag screw is designed in so that you can prevent the hoop from flopping up or down. This is a high-quality product that you will be proud to add to your 928.

How to identify which one you need: Porsche® used a 15mm fine thread on tow hooks from 1978-86 ROW and Euro spec cars, and a 20mm course thread on some US 1978-86 models and all 1987-1995 models. Look in your tool kit and compare your emergency tow hook with the pictures below. If you do not have the stock tow hook for your 928 to look at, have a look at the threaded bung it screws into on the front of your car (the pictures below will show you where to look). The 15mm tow hook hole is about the size of a US dime, and the larger 20mm tow hook hole is about the size of a US nickel.

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