Lightweight Front Clip for the Porsche® 928

A modern, lightweight composite front clip that will replace the hood, front bumper, and both front fenders all in one piece.

Modeled after the late-model (1987-1991) Porsche® S4/GT, this front clip can be installed on any year/model of 928.

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928 Motorsports Quality: Professionally made by experienced panel makers from hand-laid fiber-glass cloth sandwiching a 2mm COREMAT core. Excellent stiffness to weight ratio. The panel comes in primered finish and will require some finish sanding and fitment before painting.

We designed this part for racing, so it has no fog light or headlamp openings. If you are going to install it on a street car, you will need to cut in your lamps and air ducts as you see fit. Latches not included.

Replaces the front bumper, both fenders and the hood with one single piece. The unrestricted access to everything in the front suspension and engine compartment is AMAZING. Makes everything so much easier to get at!

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The Story About How the Mold for This Part Was Made

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