Front Lower Frame Brace For The Porsche® 928

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Hold your Camber Setting and Hold your Corner!

Application: Porsche® 928 all years, all models

Background: 928 owners have been known to go to great lengths to get more negative camber in the front wheels to improve their cornering. On 928's being performance driven or raced without roll cages, camber settings of 2.5 degrees and higher are not uncommon. Unfortunately, excessive camber angles come at a price: braking and straight-line stability. The increased camber so lowers the tire footprint during braking that flat-spotting the tires is often the undesired result. A car with too much camber will also "hunt" on the straights, floating and requiring constant steering correction.

What is actually happening in corners is this: the frame inside the outer tire on the corner is being twisted - and what began as perhaps a 2.5 degree negative camber setting is turning inward to perhaps only 1 degree in mid-corner. The lower front a-arm mount on the 928 is in the middle of a un-braced, un-supported 24" span. Plus, the lower a-arm is mounted 5 inches below the frame, so the a-arm actually has the leverage to twist it under cornering loads.

It is interesting to note that, after an 8-point roll cage is added to a 928, what was once the right amount of camber is now "too much" (the cage has reduced the twisting of the frame), and the driver/car team can dial the camber down to improve their straight-line steering and braking.

Description: The 928 Motorsports Front Lower Frame Brace installs in minutes and provides a rigid, yet adjustable, frame member right at the point of the load. Now cars even without an 8-point roll cage can have the improved cornering and braking that roll-caged cars enjoy.

Added Benefits: The brace is length-adjustable when mounted on the car for simple final adjustments and suspension tuning. It has been difficult to make fine adjustments to camber track-side, until now. Use the stock camber adjustment cams to set the general camber standard, and shorten or lengthen the frame brace to fine-tune the camber settings to match a track or tire package. Even more benefits: Some racers have reported that, in extreme cases of high speed cornering they have started to see the mounting brackets for the shock strut brace (above the engine, between the fenders) deform and tear. This is another indication of the magnitude of frame twisting that occurs on the 928 in corners. This Lower Frame Brace will augment the Shock Strut Brace, and the damage to the strut brace mounts will be stopped.

What You Will Notice: The 928 performance driver with this frame brace will notice that the corner turn-in is quicker and more responsive, and you are able to hold the corner at higher speeds. If you are currently running excessive amounts of camber to improve cornering, you will now be able to get the camber back down, still corner very well, and regain your braking performance and high speed straight-line stability.

928 Motorsports Quality: Our frame brace is professionally TIG-welded from chrome-molybdenum alloy components, and automotive-quality rod ends. The bolts we supply are DIN-rated Grade 8 metric fasteners, and the washers are case-hardened steel. Top quality without compromise.

Easy Installation: Two bolts come down, two bolts and your frame brace goes up, and you are done. It has been tested and fitted to both early and late-model 928's with standard motor mounts and alternators and air conditioning in place without interference.

Got an engine belly pan? Make a small notch on each side like what is already there to clear the sway bar, and the belly pan will work with your new lower frame brace without a problem.

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