Remanufactured Front Lower Swing Arm for the Porsche® 928

Application: Models available for all Porsche® 928 models, all years.

The Problem: Age, ozone and oil leaks that have ruined the rubber on the front lower swing arms can make it impossible for your 928 to hold an alignment. When the rubber in the lower swing arm deteriorates it allows the swing arm to move where it shouldn't, impeding performance and promoting rapid tire wear.

The Solution: These remanufactured Front Lower Swing Arms have been completely rebuilt to spec by degreasing good cores, breaking the old rubber off, bead blasting, and recasting with new rubber directly onto the swing arm journals, just like OEM.

Price listed is for each.
Item Part Number Price (USD) Shipping*
One Early Front Lower Swing Arm 1978 to 1986.5 SUS-RFSA<86.5-1 $349.00++ U.S. Only: $50.00
All Others:
Two Early Front Lower Swing Arms 1978 to 1986.5 SUS-RFSA<86.5-2 $698.00++ U.S. Only: $73.00
All Others:
One Late Front Lower Swing Arm 1986.5 to 1995 SUS-RFSA>86.5-1 $349.00++ U.S. Only: $50.00
All Others:
Two Late Front Lower Swing Arms 1986.5 to 1995 SUS-RFSA>86.5-2 $698.00++ U.S. Only: $73.00
All Others:

++ A $100 refundable core charge per Swing Arm will be added at checkout

* Domestic US shipping shown. International shipping will be calculated based on location.