Fuel Line Clamps and Tool For the PORSCHE® 928 944 951 968

Installation Instructions Available

Perhaps you've noticed the cracking and brittleness of the old fuel lines on your classic beauty. The thought of an engine fire has crossed your mind - you should service those hoses!

The rubber section of your fuel line can be removed and safely replaced with this kit. We supply true gap-less Oetiker® clamps and the tool to crimp them. Instructions also provided. All you need is the fuel line (which we also sell on our website). Clamps meet SAE spec J1508 and fuel lines serviced in this way meet aircraft A&P maintenance certifications.

Common worm-gear clamps do not expand and contract with temperature, and so they cut in to the hose with time and a number of heat cycles. Oetiker® clamps are designed to provide a consistent clamping force even during temperature cycles without damage to the hose.

Not all Oetiker® clamps are the same: we provide a gap-less design with a stainless steel insert that bridges the gap created by the ear to ensure complete circumferential sealing. A reinforcing dimple in the ear creates a spring-like action that allows these clamps to withstand vibration and temperature changes without loosening. They're made of Type 304 stainless steel for very good corrosion resistance.

Each kit includes:
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