Underhood Fuel Rail Gauge Kit For The Porsche® 928

made in the USA from all-American parts

Application - all 1980-1995 Porsche® 928 L-Jetronic and LH Jetronic systems. Not for use on K-Jetronic systems.

Background: On most Porsche® 928s, there is a test fitting on the front of the right-side fuel rail that is currently capped off. This fitting is used by mechanics to attach a fuel system gauge to perform air/fuel ratio testing and tuning.

The Kit: We provide you with a high-quality glycerin-filled fuel gauge that will mount to the fuel rail for testing and tuning purposes. The special fitting we supply has the correct metric threading on one side, and the correct gauge threading on the other. An O-ring is provided for a positive seal. Gauge does not require any wiring, and is made to heavy-duty spec. It is a great addition to any 928 tool kit.

Uses: This is the best way to adjust an adjustable fuel pressure regulator or an FMU, or an engine management system, and confirm your fuel pump is producing the right pressures in real-time at all engine speeds. Mount this gauge to run your tests and tune, then remove it. Not recommended to be mounted permanently.

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