w High-Performance Billet Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator

High-Performance Billet Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator

Increase Fuel Pressure to Get The Most from Your Mods
Installation Instructions Available made in the USA from all-American parts Application:

Description: A direct bolt-in replacement for the stock fuel pressure regulators, giving you the ability to adjust your fuel pressure easily right at the regulator. Manufactured to high tolerances from aluminum billet in the USA. Replaces Bosch regulators 0 280 160 215 or 0 280 160 297.

Will you Benefit from this Part? If you have modified your Porsche® with an exhaust system change, a supercharger, a set of cams - anything that has increased the air flow through the motor - you probably have left some HP on the table without this adjustable regulator. Just raising the fuel pressure a few pounds can give you noticeably crisper throttle response and more powerful acceleration.

Quality Made: Designed to work with both naturally aspirated and boosted applications. If used with boost, it will respond at a 1:1 rising rate. Adjustment range is: 10 to 100 psi. The diaphragms are made with two 3-layer fluoroelastomers and designed for use with gasoline and ethanol and alcohol.

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