Graphite-Composite Steel Head Gaskets for the Porsche® 928

Application: All Porsche® 928 - 1978 thru 1995 

New Gasket Technology for The 928: 928 Motorsports LLC introduces the latest in modern gasket technology for the modern Porsche 928. Our favorite car continues to evolve, either with the aging and corrosion of the gasket surfaces, or with the addition of boost and other performance adders to generate more HP. Whatever it is, more HP means more gasket problems for the old paper laminate gasket that was designed 30+ years ago.

The Graphite-Composite Steel Gasket: These gaskets are special in several ways. Start with the high density/expanded graphite composite material mechanically bonded to a perforated steelcore. Add stainless steel fire rings that capture a copper core inside them, and add the fully encapsulated silicone coating that helps seal any gasket surface flaws or imperfections.

The bottom line: Tougher fire rings, and better gasket sealing in all situations.

No O-rings Required: These head gaskets do not require O-rings and cannot be used with O-rings. The stainless steel armor/combustion seal w/contained copper wire rings is especially good at sealing low-boost assisted applications.

Sizes Available: These gaskets are available in the following bore sizes: 95mm, 97mm, 100mm, 104mm, 4.0" and 4.125" and 4.150". Thickness is 0.065"

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