Hatch Receiver Liner

Installation Instructions Available

Problem: The plastic liner that sits inside your rear hatch receiver gets yellow and brittle over time, cracks, and can even fall out. This makes your 928 extremely easy to break in to (just grab the hatch with your finger tips and lift!) and you may also have discovered that your hatch slaps open and shut on bumps in the road, or that it leaks water in the rain because it isn't latched down all the way.

Solution: You do not need a new rear hatch latch - it just needs a new liner! Our new hatch receiver liners are made from 2K poly urea resin, incredibly strong and much more UV-resistant than other less expensive liners. They are a perfect fit into your existing hatch receiver, and easily installed. Made for us in Germany.

Includes: One hatch receiver liner and easy to follow installation instructions.

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