Performance Headers for Porsche® 928

Instructions Available this part is Pikes Peak tested

Application: Porsche® 928, LHD (Left Hand Drive) cars.

Our 16v Headers fit all 16v motors from 1978-1986 and use a merged collector, as shown.
Our 32v Headers fit all 32v motors from 1985-1995 and feature a merged collector, as shown.

More HP, better bottom-end torque, and a richer sound are all benefits from opening the 928 exhaust up with a good system. Headers are the first part to that system - they replace the stock exhaust manifolds. These headers are made with 1 5/8" primaries and 3" collectors for excellent mid-range response and a strong upper end.

These headers are available in raw steel or Jet-Hot coated. The Jet-Hot Sterling Silver Coating will extend the life of your headers by 20 times or more for street applications, and controls temps in the engine bay by reducing header-surface temps by almost 50%. Withstands temperatures up to 1000° F (peaks to 1200 F) and offers superior durability when compared to brush/spray on coatings. Will reduce engine bay heat, saving you money on plugs, wires, fan motors, water pumps and other heat-sensitive parts.

And, because Jet-Hot is the only product to surface-coat both the inside and the outside of each pipe (no spray-on paint can do that) there is even an HP and torque increase caused by smoother exhaust gas flow. This finish is less likely to chip and rust than a ceramic coating, and more durable than a spray-on paint job. The Jet-Hot Sterling coating we use is exclusively formulated for headers and exhaust systems. All are UV and fuel resistant.

Installation: Our Header kits come with everything you see listed below. Most owners can do it themselves in a day, the removal of your exhaust manifolds and installation of the headers requires some reasonable mechanical skills.

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