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Header-X Pipe for 32v Porsche® 928

A Quality Stainless Steel Product from 928 Motorsports LLC®

Add 34 HP and 54 LbFt of Torque to your 928

Application: 1987-95 Porsche® 928 equipped with 928M HeadersVideo Available

Background: 928 owners who wanted the increase in torque and HP that headers provide have always had to have their exhaust pipes after the headers custom-made. UNTIL NOW

Description: The 928 Motorsports Header-X is a stainless steel X-pipe designed to bolt up to the 928 Motorsports headers. Comes complete with a O2 sensor bung welded in and ready-to-go.

Added Benefits: The Header-X can be used with both the stock 928 exhaust or the Hi Performance Dual Exhaust that we sell. This means you can grow your 928 exhaust system in sections, and mix-and-match the parts after the Header-X.

Catalytic Converters: Two long straight tubes directly behind the performance X have been provided for easy installation of catalytic converters when required.

Sound: The sound the Header-X makes is a deep, robust rumble that advertises your V8 nicely. At cruising speeds, conversation inside the vehicle continues to be comfortable and easy. But, under full throttle, the Header-X barks its authority loud and proud.

928 Motorsports Quality: Our Header-X is professionally TIG-welded from 304 stainless steel tubing, the tubes are all mandrel-bent, and the flanges are extra-thick for warp-free positive sealing.

This Kit Includes:
  • 928M Header-X mandrel bent and made from 304 Stainless Steel
  • Dead-soft Aluminum Header Flange Gaskets (2)
  • Yellow Chromate plated Header flange bolts and nuts
Optional Accessories:
  • A Pair of Stainless Steel strap-style exhaust clamps ($29)

Dyno Chart Note: Note that the car in the dyno chart (below) already had a RMB (Rear Muffler Bypass) installed. Our gains were over and above an exhaust system that had already had a rear muffler delete!


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Header-X Pipe for 32 valve motor Porsche® 928



In Stock!   Typically Ships Same Day!
Header-X Pipe for 32 valve motor Porsche® 928 with Exhaust Clamps



In Stock!   Typically Ships Same Day!

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