Hella 110 dB Twin Horn Kit

There I am, driving my 928 and enjoying the day. There he is - guy who is not looking my way and about to pull out in front of me. I hit the horn - only to emit that pasty little noise that comes out of the early factory horns. Definitely not a head-turner.

It only takes one incident (accident) like this to cost me thousands in front-end repairs. I needed a horn that says "LOOK AT ME!"

These high quality horns are made by Hella, so you know they are good. 110 Decibels at 6 feet in a twin-tone harmonic. Galvanized metal body and mounting bracket. Impact resistant plastic trumpets. These are a direct bolt-in swap for your Porsche®, but also includes a relay in case you want to wire them up in addition to the horns you already have.

Kit includes: two metal horns with mounting brackets attached, and auxiliary relay.

Consider this a SAFETY item for your Porsche - cheaper than a front-end accident!

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