Hella 7" Headlamp Conversion Kit

Application: All North-American Porsche 928, 944, 911, 924, 914

The Problem: Our wonderful Porsche's were designed for European H4 Halogen Headlamps in Germany, but at the time of import, they were refitted with crappy tungsten sealed-beam 7" Headlights. The US sealed-beam headlights are 1/2 the power of the headlights we are supposed to have! I like to avoid hitting things with my Porsche® at night, so this is a problem.

The Good News: Now the Fed has relaxed the headlamp restrictions that affected us when the cars were imported, and Halogen Headlamps are far more common. In fact, Halogen H2 lamps are standard equipment in most new cars. However, these are H4 lamps (Twice as bright as H2) and come with a sticker that says "For Off Road or Racing Use"

More Good News: Removing your sealed-beam bulbs and replacing them with these H4 Headlamps takes less than 30 minutes, requires no wiring of any kind, and gives you a 200% INCREASE in brightness!


Kit includes: two metal 7" Hella Headlamps, two H4 Halogen Bulbs, 2 silicone dust shields.

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