High-Flow Fuel Injectors For The Porsche® 928

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Description: We have both NEW and REMANUFACTURED electronic injectors for your 1985-95 Porsche® 928. We have them available in 3 sizes and flow rates to help size your injectors to match any modifications you may have. If you are not sure which size you need for your engine, consult with us before ordering. All injectors come with new O-rings in the proper size for the Porsche intake manifold.

Most Customers Order:

  • 19 Pound Injectors for a stock 928 replacement 1987-1995 32v
  • 24 Pound Injectors for a stock 928 replacement 1985-1986 32v
  • 36 Pound Injectors for wild built or blown motors!

New Injectors: We feature new LUCAS injectors made in the USA to replace your OEM Bosch injectors that are no longer available. The Lucas brand has been and still is the fuel injector of choice for Ford, Chevrolet, Porsche®, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz. Our new Lucas will match exact factory's original air/fuel mixtures, and the Lucas injector is not prone to over-heated injector coil failure and warm leak-down hard hot-starts like the Bosch injector was. 36 Months/Unlimited Miles Warranty.

Re-manufactured Injectors: If you still want the OEM Bosch injector for your 928 (after reading the benefits of the Lucas injector above), then we can get you a set of them remanufactured. Our reman process starts with good, quality U.S. injector cores, no imported or junkyard-grade injector cores are allowed. The old o-rings and rubber seals are removed and discarded, along with the old filters, pintle caps and o-ring retainers. All are back-flushed and ultrasonically cleaned. Each injector is tested for dynamic and static flow rates at three different fuel pressures. Each injector is also tested to make certain the solenoid resistance is strong and within mfg. specs. Lastly, all get a drop of lube along with new Viton rubber parts, caps and filters.

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