High Pressure Fuel Line

Inspect your fuel hoses for cracks and brittleness. Replace them before they fail with this high-quality, high-pressure metric fuel line.

This hose in made in Germany and OEM for Porsche®, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi. It is 7.5mm metric in size and an exact fit for your Porsche® 928 fuel system.

Specifications: ID 7.5mm, OD 13.5mm; Working Pressure: 145 psi or 10 bar; Bursting Pressure: 435 psi or 30 bar; Temperature Range: -22F to 194F; abrasion-resistant cover; approved for gasoline, gasoline with 10% ethanol, diesel fuel, water, air, and heating oil.

Price is for one meter of this hose: One meter is enough to do both fuel pressure regulators on your 928, and have a bit left over.

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