Flame-Retardant Hood Liners

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This replacement for your old, oil-soaked and crumbling Porsche® hood liner is made by us out of flame-retardant, foil-faced insulative material. Easy installation.
A Couple Things to Think About:
  1. That old foam hood liner you have is probably soaked with oil and gas by now and very, very flammable. Test it. Pull a chunk off (not hard - most of the old foam liners are a crumbling mess after 10 years) and see how hard it is to light on fire. You will see my point - they are a FIRE HAZARD.
  2. We have already "fire tested" one of our new foil-faced, flame-retardant hood liners (we didn't mean to, it just worked out that way). My son has a Porsche® 951 that we made one of these for. One morning, he went out to the car and started idling it in the driveway to warm it up before his daily commute to the Air Base. His Porsche® decided to sprout a fuel leak from a broken injector O-ring that cold morning, fuel-soaked the top of his motor and burst into flames on the driveway. The fire burned for about 3 minutes with the hood closed before he could get his extinguisher out, pop the hood, and douse it. All the wiring and all the rubber lines and hoses were toasted. But do you know what wasn't ruined by the fire? His paint job! The hood and his Guards Red Paint job was in perfect shape because of the foiled hood liner. THAT saved him lot of work and money.
  3. If you and your Porsche® live in a hot climate the hood liner was designed to do two things on your car: absorb engine noise, and prevent the paint on the hood from fading - getting baked from the bottom with engine heat. If you like your paint job and want to keep the hood from fading faster than the rest of the car - this reflective hood liner will do the job.
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Flame-Retardant Hood Liner for the Porsche® 928 BOD-HLNR-928-FR $74.00 U.S. Only: $16.00
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Flame-Retardant Hood Liner for the Porsche® 944 BOD-HLNR-944-FR $73.00 U.S. Only: $16.00
All Others:
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Flame-Retardant Hood Liner for the Porsche® 924 BOD-HLNR-924-FR $73.00 U.S. Only: $16.00
All Others:
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Flame-Retardant 928 Hood Liners

Flame-Retardant 944 Hood Liners

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