LED Illuminated Leather Shift Knob and Boot

Application: 1978-95 Porsche® 928 all with manual transmissions

Description: This beautiful all-one-piece leather shift knob and boot is imported by us from Germany. It is made from premium glove leather and includes LED lights underneath the 928 shift pattern that you may wire in. It is a handsome addition to any interior!

Added benefits: Some shift knobs can get so short that you loose all your leverage. This one is shorter than OEM, but not so short as to be uncomfortable. PLUS: it includes silicone-rubber vibration isolators in the mounting to make your 928 shifting even more comfortable! There is no doubt this will be your favorite shift knob and boot.

Easy Installation: The new shift knob is installed from the top, and we even include the wrench you need to attach the knew knob.

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LED Illuminated Leather Shift Knob and Boot U.S. Only: $14.50
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