Improved Engine Dipsticks For The Porsche® 928

Application: Two Models available: '78 through '86 all 16v motors and '85 through '95 all 32v motors

Description: You may have discovered that the shank on the old 928 dipstick is a bit stiff, and that makes it hard to snake down through the dipstick tube into the engine. You may have also noticed that the rubber seal is dry and has shrunk, so it no longer seals well.

Our brand new dipstick solves these problems. The shank is made from steel banding, so it is flexible and will slide in and out of your motor much more easily. And of course, the seals are new. And we have added a comfort-grip handle!

Two Lengths Available: If your 928 is wearing one of our oil pan spacer kits, select the special longer dipstick below. If not, the standard length dipstick is the one you want.

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