Injection Wiring Harness for the Porsche® 928

IDENTIFICATION: The injection wiring harness begins at EZK and LH computers inside the car and goes through the firewall to the top of the motor, where it splits and travels down both heads supplying the electrical signals to every injector on both banks. It also connects to the knock sensors and the crank reference sensor, the throttle position sensor, and other critical items.

THE PROBLEM: Cracked and corroded wires or terminals in this wiring harness can produce hard starts or no starts, poor running, and low engine output.

THE SOLUTION: We have all-new injection wiring harnesses that have all the accurate wires (right down to the correct color insulation and stripes), connectors, and connector caps. They have genuine Porsche(r) harness clips for the cold-start and auxiliary air valve and WUR connections, and a new Porsche(r) 14-pin connector for the replacement plug-in to the car. First-class quality all the way.

WIRING SPECS: Very high quality flex automotive grade wiring, ISO6722:2002 / DIN72551/6 / EEC directive 2000/53. Gasoline, oil, battery acid, and engine coolant resistant. High flex sleeving ,very resistant to solvents and free of halogen, sulfur and phosphorous.

Just give us a call. We can help you identify your motor easily so we send the correct wiring harness for your car.

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Injection Wiring Harness 16v 1980/84 L-Jet ELE-IWH-16V-Ljet $2,863.00 U.S. Only: $38.00
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Injection Wiring Harness 32v 85/86 ELE-IWH-32V-85/86 $2,863.00 U.S. Only: $38.00
All Others:
Injection Wiring Harness 32v 87/91 ELE-IWH-32V-87/91 $3,107.00 U.S. Only: $38.00
All Others:
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