Injection Harness Repair Kit

The Problem: Cracked injector and MAF connectors can cause intermittent misses and hard starts. Under examination, you are likely to find that the injector wiring harness has become brittle and the boots and the connectors within that harness are broken, letting moisture in to corrode the contacts.

You can try to buy a new injector wiring harness from Porsche – they are about $1600 if they have one in stock. Or you can call dismantlers to locate a “good” used wiring harness. The problem with that is they are all as old and as brittle as your own. Or you can use this kit and fix the one you have. We provide everything but the wire.

The Solution: You can repair your injector wiring harness yourself with some patience, some wire, and this kit. Simply replace one wire at a time, and splice them in with the special, sealed and soldered, wiring splices included. No need to remove the wiring harness from the car!

Our connectors are all-new and feature the improved press-to-release locks on them. We provide all you need to do every connection on the top of the engine.

NOTE: you may find that the other-side of the connector (the thing that the wiring harness is connected to) is also bad. That is commonly the case with the knock sensors and the hall sensor. We recommend just to replace those sensors if that is the case, then you get new sensors, wiring and connector all at the same time. We have those parts in stock if you need them.

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