Injector Wiring Harness Rebuild Service for your Porsche®

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THIS IS A REPAIR SERVICE: you send in your old, ratty injector wiring harness and we will rebuild it for you. Every wire in your old harness will be tested for impedance and each wire will be replaced as needed with new automotive-grade stranded wire of the correct size. We also replace all the connectors that are available, replace the loom, and replace or repair all the connections as needed. All connections we service get soldered as well as crimped.

DESCRIPTION: The Injector Wiring Harness enters the engine compartment through a grommet in the firewall, and connects all the injectors and many key sensors to the computers that are mounted inside the car. This includes the the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor, the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS), the Idle Air Controller (IAC) and many more. You can see how significant this wiring harness is to the correct starting and running of your 928 engine.

The wiring under the hood becomes brittle, gets corroded, and even breaks, causing intermittent running issues, faulty gauge readings and errant warning lights. This is because it is exposed to oil, high temps, and ozone - all of which ruin the loom and insulation and corrode the copper wiring until the car can no longer be relied upon. The portion of your injector harness that lives in the car under the dash doesn't have the same problems, and doesn't age.

EXACT REPLACEMENT: Because we are rebuilding the injector wiring harness you send in - this harness will be an exact replacement for YOUR car. No guess-work. We have found and use the exact or improved OEM connectors in almost all cases. But a few connectors that are no longer available may be substituted for others of similar style. All connectors will function as before, and connect to your engine without modification.

TO PROCEED: Simply remove your injector wiring harness (do not cut it!) and send it to us complete. You can print an address label here. You will be billed when the work is completed.

PRICING: This work is performed on a time-and-materials basis. Costs will vary depending on the condition of the harness you send in to be rebuilt.