Intake Manifold Spacers

Application: 1987-95 Porsche® 928 S4, GT and GTS

The Problem: The intake manifold side covers are too close to the ends of the intake runners beneath them, restricting air flow to several cylinders at wide-open throttle. On the left side, the intake bell-mouths for cylinders 5 and 8 are too close to the sides to draw air smoothly from the entire circumference of the bell mouth. On the right side, cylinders 1 and 4 are the most pronounced, but not a s close as on the left side. However, they are located in such a way as to rob and restrict air from cylinders 6 and 7 that are nestled behind them.

The Solution: Our bolt-on Intake Manifold Spacers move the sides of the plenum out as far as possible without requiring modification or relocation of the injectors and fuel rails. This adds both plenum volume and reduces the restriction previously caused by the plenum walls. Both supercharged and non-supercharged 928's benefit from this upgrade.

Easy Installation: The intake manifold spacers can be installed in a little over one hour with common hand tools. The fuel rails come off, the sides of the intake manifold are removed, the spacers inserted, and the fuel rails put back. Done. Designed to re-use the original intake manifold gasket without modification.

Quality Made: We manufacture these spacers from 6061 T-6 aluminum plate with a matte finish around the perimeter, as shown. The spacers can be polished. The fasteners are stainless steel for lasting good looks.

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