Rebuilt Clutch Intermediate Plate for the Porsche® 928
Available for 1980-83 and 1984-86 Dual-Disk clutches


Description: Our rebuilt clutch intermediate plate offers the quality of the new part at a lower price. They are rebuilt from OEM Porsche® cores that pass our exchange inspection. Then they are disassembled, cleaned, and the worn center plate section is removed and replaced with an all-new center section. All tabs and springs are cleaned and re-inspected, and new fasteners are used throughout.

Warranty: These rebuilt clutch plates a warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship in normal use for 120 days from date of purchase.

Core Required: Good intermediate plate cores are becoming hard to find, so we must have your old one back! After you install our new intermediate plate, send yours in to have your $150 core charge refunded.

Item Part Number Price (USD) Shipping* Availability
Rebuilt Clutch Intermediate Plate for the 1980-83 Porsche® 928 CLU-RCIP-80/83 $720.00++ $18.00 Call for Availability

Rebuilt Clutch Intermediate Plate for the 1984-86 Porsche® 928 CLU-RCIP-84/86 $720.00++ $18.00 Call for Availability

++ A $150 refundable core charge will be added at checkout

* Domestic US shipping shown. International shipping will be calculated based on location.