Floor Jack Adapter For Your Porsche®


The Problem: Damaging your beautiful Porsche® by 1) having the car fall off the floor jack, or 2) having that big 6" jack pad on your floor jack dent the rocker panel during a lift.

The Solution: This 928 Motorsports one-piece floor jack adapter is designed to slip into any of the 4 Porsche-designed jacking sockets you have on your car, and secure your floor jack at the same time so that it cannot slide off the jack pad and crush your rocker panel.

Quality Made: Our Porsche® Jack Adapter is made from a single 6064 Aluminum alloy billet - strong as steel, yet less likely to scratch your car than steel would be. Fits all common 2-ton and up floor jacks with a 1 1/8" adapter boss. In picture below, if a 7/8" socket slides in and out of your jack hole - then this is the right adapter for your jack.

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