New Limited Slip Plates for the 928 LSD

Background: All limited slip discs and plates wear and are considered consumable parts. High stress applications (DE days, performance driving and racing) can accelerate the wear especially when combined with new, larger tires and stronger motors.

Improved Design: The early friction discs are 1.9 mm thick and have no slots for the oil to assist in cooling the plate. Our replacement plates are .20 mm thick and slotted, see photo. New, thicker plates bring your LSD back up to top condition, with lowered lap times as the result.

Application: The 1978-1984 models use 8 discs, 4 with external teeth and 4 with internal teeth. The 1985-and-up 928 uses 4 discs, two with internal teeth and two with external.

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New Limited Slip Plates for the 8-Disk Porsche® 928 LSD TRA-LSDD<84 $477.00 $12.50 Ships in 1 Week or Less

New Limited Slip Plates for the 4-Disk Porsche® 928 LSD TRA-LSDD>85 $238.50 $9.50 Ships in 1 Week or Less

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