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Injectors for L-Jet Equipped Porsche® 928

Designed for 1980-1984 16v L-Jetronic Systems

We have two solutions for our L-Jet equipped friends: we can rebuild the injectors you have, or replace them with a modern O-ring model. New stock injectors for L-Jet cars are no longer available.

The Rebuild Service: Remove your stock injectors, bag them up, and ship them to us. We will have them completely disassembled and rebuilt, and tested. You will get them back with new O-rings, hose attached, and seals - see pictures below. The process takes about 4 weeks.

The Custom L-Jet Injectors: These 928 Motorsports LLC custom injectors will fit your existing intake manifold, and allow you to upgrade to the more common late-model 928 fuel rail or our 928 Motorsports aluminum fuel rails. Gone are the little 2-inch hoses to each injector! Because these are designed by us exactly for the L-Jet fuel system, they have the correct impedance and flow rates for your 928. No retuning or adjustments needed.

Fitment Note: To use these injectors, you will need to acquire and install late-model 928 fuel rails with hold down clamps, or our 928 Motorsports aluminum fuel rails and clamps (not provided).

Select your Size: Select 24 lb/hr flow rate for drop-in OEM flow rates and no re-tuning. We can also make them in 27, 30, and 36 lb/hr flow rates as needed for modified motors.


Flow Rate




Custom Injectors for L-Jet Equipped Porsche® 928


Ships in 2 Week or Less

Rebuilt Injectors for L-Jet Equipped Porsche® 928

24 lb


Please allow 4 weeks for delivery

* Domestic US shipping shown. International shipping will be calculated based on location.


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