928MS Master Fans Controller

Replaces BOTH the factory fan amplifier unit and the fan controller unit with one modern and easy to adjust controller

Application: For 1987-95 Porsche 928

Background: We have been watching the factory fan controller and fan amplifier units aging and failing in our cars, with no replacements available from the manufacturer. In addition, the original fan controller system was designed in the 1980’s, and we have better technology now.

Details: Our Master Fans Controller kit simplifies and improves this critical system that controls your radiator fans. Using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology, it will start your fans smoothly without a sudden, large amp draw from your electrical system. The fans are started at 60% power and ramped up steadily as needed as the temperature rises. This means better and faster warm-ups for your engine.

This controller constantly senses engine temp and adjusts the fan speed to maintain the desired temperature. Setting that temperature is made as easy as turning a screw under the weather-resistant cover.

This controller will control multiple fans drawing up to 65 AMPs! A built-in A/C override turns the fans on in your 928 the moment you turn the air conditioning on. The controller comes with a one year warranty.

Installation with our instructions is so easy – the controller fits where the old one was, and uses the same wiring!

Kit Includes:
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