Porsche® Momo/Sparco Steering Wheel Quick Disconnect

this part is Pikes Peak tested Add a Quick Disconnect to your Porsche because:

These Quick Disconnects are milled from aluminum billet and have the true 7-ball/4-ball design that ensures positive location on the collar and no play whatsoever. Never trust a cheap Quick Disconnect with tabs and slots - they wear and become sloppy over time.

Our Quick Disconnects are very high quality, have no play in them at all, snap and lock into place with authority, and allow the continued use of your horn and horn button. Simple installation instructions are downloadable from our website. All the fasteners you need are also provided.

Fits right in between your Sparco or Momo Steering Wheel and Hub, and is compatible with all Sparco and Momo Steering wheels.

Choose from Red, Blue, Silver, or Carbon colors as shown.

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