Monobeam Wiper Blades For The Porsche® 928

this part is Pikes Peak tested

Application: Porsche® 928 all, 1978-95

Better Looks, Better Performance. Many high-end vehicle manufacturers are now specifying bracketless "monobeam" wipers as original equipment. Bracketless wiper blades are designed without metal or plastic brackets, joints or hinges, offering design and performance improvements over conventional wiper blades.

Solve the High Speed Lift Problem. There is so much air passing over the hood of the 928 at speed the wipers are lifted right off the glass. Porsche® tried to help with airfoils riveted to the driver's wiper arm on some model years - but this is the correct solution. The award-winning design incorporates a spoiler-shape across the entire back of the blade to enhance downforce and ensure a perfect, clean sweep on every pass.

Enjoy the Cleaner Appearance. Even if your 928 never sees rain... you will enjoy the much cleaner, more modern appearance of the bracketless wiper. There is a lot less to look through from the driver seat with all those wiper brackets gone! You will be amazed.

The wiping element has Teflon® resin within it for longer life without chatter.

Simple Installation, instructions on the package, no tools required.

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