Solid Rubber Motor Mounts For The Porsche® 928

Application : Porsche® 928, 1983 and up.

Replace those sagging, aging, and soft hydraulic motor mounts with these for less!

The 1983 and newer Porsche® 928 is equipped with a "hydraulic" motor mount that sells for more than $300 each side. They leak, they settle, and they cause vibration. These solid mounts are soft enough to absorb all the vibration, yet firm to provide snappy hole-shots and immediate throttle response. Customers report that they only wished they would have replaced their old mounts sooner!

Our price is for TWO mounts (both sides), and we provide Grade 8 hardware with them so you have nothing else to buy.

When customers replace their motor mounts, they often replace this at the same time:
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Solid Rubber Motor Mounts for the Porsche® 928 ENG-SRMM $184.00 U.S. Only: $25.00
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