Offset Camshaft Keys

Now available individually in either 2 or 4 degree keys!

Application: Fits all Porsche® 944, 951, 944S2 models and 1980-1986 16v 928

Advancing or retarding the camshafts in relation to the crankshaft is another performance tool you have to move your power and torque exactly where you want it.

Advancing a camshaft opens the intake earlier and closes the exhaust earlier. This will shift the power curve down, and produce more low range torque at the loss of a little top-end power.

Retarding the camshafts shifts the power band up, increasing mid-range and top-end torque, at the loss of the bottom-end.

Its easy to do on the 16v 928 and 8v 944 engines - removing the timing belt, then camshaft sprocket, replace the key and re-assemble.

Precision Made: These camshaft keys are precision machined to an exact fit for all Porsche® and Mercedes camshafts using 4mm keyways.

One key is enough to tune a 4 cylinder engine. For V8-s, buy two or two sets.

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NOTE: 1978-79 Porsche® 928 engines use woodruff keys (half-moon shape). These keys are not suitable for that application. 1980-1986 16v motors use flat keys, which these replace nicely.

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