Improved Crankcase Ventilation Oil Control System For 16 valve 928 Motors

Installation Instructions Available

This will help cure your 16v 928 from oil-soaking your air filter and pumping smoke out the breather pipe. Fits all 1978-1986 16v motors, Naturally Aspirated, Stroked, and Supercharged. Quality made with all-metal fittings.

New and Improved: completely re-engineered in 2016 to make it even better and more effective than previous models. Tested for hours on a supercharged 16v 928 and this kit controlled all the oil pumping issues the owner was having.

Solves the Oil Mist Problem 4 ways:
  1. Reduces slinging from the crankshaft counterweight up into the oil breather by installation of a baffle plate.
  2. Improves the efficiency of the stock oil separator, removes more oil vapor from the air and returns it to the oil pan.
  3. Adds a gravity-drop for any remaining oil in the outlet line to return to the oil pan thru the camshaft tower.
  4. Actually increases the air flow out of the crankcase, reducing under-piston pressures and increasing performance!

The result is better evacuation of your crankcase from power-robbing pressure, and yet drier air venting to your air box or catch can.

How to tell if you need this kit:

Complete Kit: All-metal fittings and new hoses supplied. Instructions included for both engines with rubber cam tower plugs and later models with screw-in plugs. Specify your model of fuel system (K-Jet, L-Jet, or LH-Jet) when ordering, so we can be sure to send you the right kit.

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